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I own a handpaint yarn company so I can basically conjure up any yarn in any color I want for knitting. This may sound like your idea of Nirvana, but after 10 years the novelty has worn off a little,
although I have to admit that entering the dye kitchen in the morning still gives me a tingle of excitement. Surprisingly I do not take much yarn home although I've been working on a never-ending Alpaca Rug for over a year. I love designing large projects like rugs and throws capes and shawls, but I do often just knit socks. Although
knitting and writing about knitting takes up most of my time, hand
dyeing yarn is still my first love.


i love traveling and bringing back the colors of an area to inspire our yarns. in this photo taken in alaska last suumer we were camping in the delta region and came across caribou drinking out of a glacial creek. our colorway caribou creek was born as si